C4I Solutions in Action—Anytime and Anywhere

Harris delivers the network—whenever and wherever it's needed—for critical decision-making and mission success.  The proof is deployed in today's tactical and public safety situations: from battlefields to city streets, command centers to tactical edge, Harris C4I solutions are securely connecting those on land, at sea, in the air and everywhere.  It was demonstrated on the show floor at IDEX.  There, Harris showcased C4I solutions that connect users up and down the echelon as well as across different communication systems.

Where can your operations benefit from Harris C4I solutions? 

Anytime and anywhere you need assured communications for:

  • Integrated tactical networks that need high speed and high capacity
  • Converged networks that need to integrate tactical, LTE, P25 and Tetra
  • Command and control communications networks that need to be fast paced and fluid, but also stable
  • Tactical radio country-wide repeater networks that need to be ever ready for secure access and coverage
  • Vehicular Networks that need to support the flow of data, both on the move and at the halt
  • and more...

Learn More

Explore this website to learn how Harris helps all echelons to collect, analyze, and distribute information—accurately, securely and in real time.  Read about how Harris' brigade—and—below battle management solution, demonstrated in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, helps military forces deal with complex and changing situations.

For more information, contact us at rfcomm@harris.com or call us at 1-888-711-7295. International callers: +001 321-674-4253 or +001 321-727-9207.