Falcon Networking System

Falcon Networking System

Synchronize, Store and Share, in the Middle of Nowhere

Building on the proven capabilities of the AN/PRC-117G radio, Harris extends the network to the edge with the most complete mobile system available.

Designed for on-the-move operations, the Falcon networking system delivers assured wireless network connectivity, content and services to mobile and dismounted soldiers.  With our extensive battlefield experience, Harris uniquely offers a comprehensive, integrated and cost effective networking platform including the AN/PRC-117G backhaul, rugged Network Communications Server and the 4G LTE Tactical Cellular transceiver, all compatible with intuitive edge devices.  The system enables reliable, persistent distribution of vital information between higher headquarters, through command vehicles, to the squad.

Some of the benefits include:

—    Delivering Applications from Commander to Soldier

—    Long-range mobile connectivity; compact, versatile system configurations

—    Move voice, data, video and images fast and efficiently across the battlefield

—    Standards-based open architecture

—    Multiple transports paths for networked voice, data, video communications

—    4G LTE technology on the battlefield

—    Supports up to 30 simultaneous users; voice, SMS/MMS data and video capability

For more information, contact us at rfcomm@harris.com or call us at 1-888-711-7295. International callers: +001 321-674-4253 or +001 321-727-9207.