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RF-3590-RT Ruggedized Tablet


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Carry anywhere. Connect everywhere. The Harris RF-3590 Ruggedized Tablet.

With just a touch, the Harris RF-3590 Tablet lets you access a wideband network and share real-time information—when, where, and how you need to.

From this user-friendly and highly portable device, you can send photos and files or pull them from shared folders, plot PLI using the built-in GPS, receive full-motion UAV feeds, run Android®-based applications, remotely control your tactical radio, and more. Its ruggedized construction and light weight (2 pounds) make it suitable for extreme conditions, providing unprecedented access to wideband applications and mission-critical information.

• Automatically connect to a wideband network at the tactical edge
• Access, share, and use high-bandwidth data in real time
• Operate the sunlight-readable 7-inch touchscreen with a stylus, pen, or even gloved finger
• Leverage current and future apps built on the familiar and flexible Android platform

The Harris Ruggedized Tablet puts high-performance computing, an extensive sensor suite, and versatile platform interoperability into your hands.

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