Ruggedized Tablet

RF-3590-RT Ruggedized Tablet


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Size of a Tablet, Power of a System

Carry your network to the farthest edge.

Harris innovation reaches new levels in the RF-3590. This tactical, ruggedized AndroidTM tablet is at the heart of a system solutions suite specifically designed for military missions.

It delivers your most-wanted capabilities in a smartphone-like user experience:

  • High-performance computing
  • An extensive sensor suite
  • Platform interoperability
  • Meets emerging DoD security requirements for Android devices


  • Even at the tactical edge, you can trust it to significantly increase situational awareness, by capturing and processing larger volumes of data and sharing it faster than ever before.

    The Harris ruggedized tablet offers:

    • Wideband connectivity to secure networks and information
    • Full-motion video streaming, transcoding and distribution
    • Easy expansion through applications and extensive interface suite
    • Situational awareness that once required multiple devices including heavy laptops
    • Reliable performance in the most challenging environments - including submerged in water or operating in freezing temperatures

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