JTRS Capabilities

The Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) is a Department of Defense program to develop a family of software-defined tactical radios that enable networks for sending and receiving voice, data and video tactical communications on the battlefield.

Harris Corporation has delivered these field-proven capabilities to the warfighter by investing its own funds and innovating under the framework of the JTRS Enterprise Business Model.  Embracing this model has allowed Harris to pursue a market-focused approach to tactical radio development.  Using this approach, Harris is providing warfighters with the communications capabilities they need today, along with flexibility to add the emerging requirements of tomorrow.

With more than 100,000 radios deployed, and more on the way every day, Harris is strengthening mission planning, intelligence, battlefield coordination and logistics and decision-making capabilities by providing wideband battlefield networking and interoperability in the most challenging military situations and barren physical environments.

Upgraded interoperable high-speed wireless military communications for improved situational awareness and success on the battlefield.

This is the promise of Harris Falcon III® radios.

  • AN/PRC-152A Wideband Networking Radio
    AN/PRC-152A Wideband Networking Radio
    The NSA certified Falcon III® AN/PRC-152A is the world's first handheld radio with both Type-1 wideband networking and narrowband interoperability, giving today's warfighters secure access to voice, video and data.
  • AN/PRC-117G(V)1(C) Type-1 Wideband Tactical Radio
    AN/PRC-117G(V)1(C) Type-1 Wideband Tactical Radio
    JTRS certified, the Falcon III® AN/PRC-117G operating with SRW is the world's first JTRS SCA-compliant, Type-1 secure tactical radio to offer high-bandwidth simultaneous voice and data in addition to combat net radio capabilities.  It's leading the transition to a networked battlefield.
  • AN/PRC-152(C) Type-1 Multiband Handheld Radio
    AN/PRC-152(C) Type-1 Multiband Handheld Radio
    The Falcon III® AN/PRC-152 single-channel multiband, multimission, handheld radio provides the optimal transition to JTRS technology.  The AN/PRC-152 delivers modern programmable encryption in a SCA-compliant radio that supports current and future algorithms and waveforms.