Type-1 Handheld Multiband Radio

AN/PRC 152 Multiband Radio

The most widely deployed SCA-compliant Type-1 multiband, multimission handheld radio in the field today—the Harris AN/PRC-152

The Falcon III® AN/PRC-152 single-channel multiband, multimission handheld radio is providing the optimal transition to JTRS technology. Already in use by all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense, many of its allies, and U.S. federal agencies, the software upgradeable AN/PRC-152 satisfies the evolving mission requirements of warfighters by delivering secure, real-time information and communication at all points of need during coordination, combat, and crisis.

Product at-a-glance:

  • 30-512 MHz multiband handheld
  • High Band option extending frequency range coverage to 30-520 MHz and 762-870 MHz 
  • Sierra programmable encryption
  • Supports SINCGARS, VHF/UHF AM and FM, and optional HAVEQUICK
  • Optional APCO-P25 waveform for interoperability with civilian authorities
  • Robust satellite tactical communications capability with advanced SATCOMS waveforms: SATCOM HPW messaging with (optional) IP data, JITC certified 181B up to 56 kbps, 182A/183A DAMA
  • Hardware configuration option, including embedded GPS receiver for situational awareness on the battlefield, and 20m Maritime versions (with or without GPS)

For more information, contact us at or call us at 1-888-711-7295. International callers: +001 321-674-4253 or +001 321-727-9207.

Marine Corps replace SINCGARS system with Harris' AN/VRC-110 vehicular system (video courtesy of AFRTS)