Tactical Radios & Networking

  • Wideband Networking

      • AN/PRC-158 Multi-channel Manpack Radio
        AN/PRC-158 Multi-channel Manpack Radio
        The Falcon III® AN/PRC-158 Multi-channel Manpack is a modular two-channel manpack radio designed to exceed the HMS Manpack program requirements.
      • RF-7800B Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) Terminals
        RF-7800B Inmarsat Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) Terminals

        Harris is enabling high-bandwidth beyond line of sight communication through the introduction of tactical SATCOM products that works directly with Harris tactical radios. The result is assured connectivity to mission critical data anytime, anywhere.

      • RF-7850S SPR
        RF-7850S SPR
        The RF-7850S SPRTM is the most advanced secure personal radio system available on the market, providing full communications capabilities for the modern soldier at the team, squad, and platoon levels.
      • RF-7800W HCLOS Radio
        RF-7800W HCLOS Radio

        The next-generation RF-7800W offers dramatically improved performance in delivery of quick-to-deploy long-range wireless Internet Protocol (IP) system infrastructure to the battlefield. It provides greater mission flexibility to the warfighter, extended frequency range, increased data throughput, longer communication distances, and smart processing capabilities.

      • Tactical Radios
        Tactical Radios
        Click here for information on Exelis Tactical Radios.
      • Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radio
        Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radio
        The Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radio  (MNVR) is a solution based on the proven success of our Falcon® family of wideband tactical radios.
      • RF-330E-TR Wideband Team Radio
        RF-330E-TR Wideband Team Radio
        The RF-330E-TR is Harris' secure Rifleman Radio and Nett Warrior offering featuring unparalleled battery life, fast net formation and user friendly display.
      • RF-7800H-MP High Frequency Tactical Radio
        RF-7800H-MP High Frequency Tactical Radio
        The new Falcon III® RF-7800H wideband manpack is the world's first wideband HF tactical radio, delivering expanded data capabilities in long-range, beyond-line-of-sight environments.
      • AN/PRC-152A Wideband Networking Radio
        AN/PRC-152A Wideband Networking Radio
        The NSA certified Falcon III® AN/PRC-152A is the world's first handheld radio with both Type-1 wideband networking and narrowband interoperability, giving today's warfighters secure access to voice, video and data.
      • AN/PRC-117G Wideband Tactical Radio
        AN/PRC-117G Wideband Tactical Radio
        JTRS certified, the Falcon III® AN/PRC-117G operating with SRW is the world's first JTRS SCA-compliant, Type-1 secure tactical radio to offer high-bandwidth simultaneous voice and data in addition to combat net radio capabilities.  It's leading the transition to a networked battlefield.
      • RF-7850M-HH Multiband Combat Net Radio
        RF-7850M-HH Multiband Combat Net Radio
        The RF-7850M-HH Multiband Combat Net Radio (CNR) is a multi-mission radio that combines next generation functionality and advanced capabilities to meet the requirements of network-centric warfare.
      • RF-7800M-MP Multiband Networking Radio (MBNR)
        RF-7800M-MP Multiband Networking Radio (MBNR)
        The Falcon III® RF-7800M-MP Multiband Networking Radio (MBNR) enables the high-speed flow of real-time battlefield situational awareness information across a secure mobile tactical wireless network backbone, enabling the critical connection between squad level forces and up-echelon command management platforms.
      • RF-7800V Handheld VHF Radio
        RF-7800V Handheld VHF Radio
        The Falcon III® RF-7800V VHF radio delivers performance and flexibility unlike any other VHF combat net radio available – handheld or manpack – in a platform that’s highly portable and easy to use.