Tactical Network Access Hub


Seamless voice, IP data and telephony access on the battlefield for Falcon II® users

The RF-6010 Tactical Network Access Hub provides Falcon II radio users with easy-to-use access to other voice and data communications systems. The RF-6010 converts commercial standard voice and data formats into the industry-leading RF waveforms integrated into Harris Falcon II radios. Depending on operational needs, the RF-6010 can work as a standalone, four-subscriber switch or in conjunction with commercial or tactical phone switches. Integration of IP data transfer, phone calls, and normal digital voice operation is handled automatically and seamlessly by the RF-6010. Radio users can enter a phone number directly into the keypad of their radio and reach any phone connected to the RF-6010, as well as phones connected to the phone switch, if it is present. The system allows phone users unfamiliar with tactical radio operation to gain access to mobile or fixed tactical radio networks.

  • Supports one to four Falcon II radio networks
  • Ethernet network interface to outside networks and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) interface to Falcon II radios
  • Four Local Operator Connections and eight External Phone Line Connections (switch-based PABX/PBX)
  • Supports North American and International Telephony Standards with direct connection to CD 115E digital switch and ET-10 digital phone
  • Supports transparent voice or IP Data Service through Falcon II radios

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