Harris Falcon III RF-7800M-MP Multiband Networking Manpack Radio


The high-speed gateway to battlefield information superiority

The RF-7800M-MP Multiband Networking Radio enables the high-speed flow of real-time battlefield situational awareness information across a secure mobile tactical wireless network backbone, enabling the critical connection between squad level forces and up-echelon command management platforms. The result is that deployed forces communicate high-value information including intelligence data, logistics, and medivac needs with superior speed and accuracy. The increased flow and timeliness of operational information and intelligence data from the field, enables commanders to make faster, more informed decisions, deploy resources more quickly and accurately, and operate with the situational clarity to prevent blue-on-blue events.

  • True wideband connectivity – Data at up to 5 Mbps enables real-time communication of data intensive situational awareness and intelligence including email and streaming video.
  • Mobile ad-hoc networking technology – Adaptive Networking Wideband Waveform (ANW2) enables self-forming, self-healing, high-speed information networks among RF-7800M-MP radios with no reliance on additional infrastructure.
  • Optimal balance of power and size - Provides 20 watts of transmit power and covering 30 MHz to 2 GHz with a compact man-portable design that operates off a single standard battery.
  • SCA-Compliant, Software-Defined Platform - Enables loading future or sovereign waveforms and encryption, adhering to current SCA standards while supporting evolving international SCA-based standards in Europe and other regions.
  • Highly Secure – Embedded AES 256-bit encryption provides high-grade security for all transmissions.

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See how the Falcon III® RF-7800M enables tactical wideband networking.