Vehicular Base VHF Radio System

RF-7800V-V51x Vehicular Base VHF Radio System

Low profile, 50 watt, High-Speed Data VHF radio that is BMS-ready and easy to install in any space-constrained platform

With the new Falcon III® RF-7800V-V51x, your forces get a solution that gives them the ability to communicate more information, with greater speed and reliability - all crucial to achieving information superiority on the battlefield.  Meanwhile, commanders get access to advanced real-time situational information that enables them to make faster, more informed decisions.  The RF-7800V-V51x combines performance and flexibility unlike any other VHF combat net radio available, in a low-profile vehicular or base station platform that is easy to use and install. Features include:

  • Up to 192 kbps IP data throughput that allows a user to send large files and mission critical/time sensitive information.
  • Harris' TDMA Networking Waveform (TNW) supporting time-critical situational awareness reporting with up to 64 users on a single channel.
  • The Quicklook ECCM waveform suite enables covert communications, renders enemy radio jamming devices ineffective and ensures operations in high-noise environments.
  • Industry standard protocols that reduce integration complexity and costs.
  • An ideal radio for space constrained platforms that require increased power output for long range voice and data.
  • Full interoperability with the Falcon family of radios.
  • Software Defined Radio architecture enables planned product improvements to be implemented as software only upgrades in most cases. 

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