Vehicular Base VHF Radio System

RF-7800V-V51x Vehicular Base VHF Radio System

Low profile, 50 watt, High-Speed Data VHF radio that is BMS-ready and easy to install in any space-constrained platform

With the new Falcon III® RF-7800V-V51x, your forces get a solution that gives them the ability to communicate more information, with greater speed and reliability - all crucial to achieving information superiority on the battlefield.  Meanwhile, commanders get access to advanced real-time situational information that enables them to make faster, more informed decisions.  The RF-7800V-V51x combines performance and flexibility unlike any other VHF combat net radio available, in a low-profile vehicular or base station platform that is easy to use and install.

The 7800V-V51x provides continuous coverage in the 30 to 108 MHz frequency band at 50 watts of power while sending data up to 192 kbps, making it the fastest VHF combat net radio available.  With built-in TDMA-based waveform, the RF-7800V-V51x is designed to support Battle Management System applications, guaranteeing network access to time ciritical information.  The radio is fully interoperable with the RF-7800V Handheld radio and includes advanced ECCM, simultaneous voice and data capabilities all while using the embedded Citadel® II cryptographic technology, which provides 256-bit military grade and AES encryption for voice and data transmissions.  

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