High Capacity Line-of-Sight (HCLOS) Radio


High-speed, wireless IP communications for tactical wideband networking

The RF-7800W High Capacity Line-of-Sight (HCLOS) radio provides quick-to-deploy, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless IP infrastructure, enabling high-bandwidth data communication between mobile or fixed operations centers. Leveraging proven OFDM technology to deliver high-speed Ethernet throughput over wireless links, the RF-7800W HCLOS radio enables bandwidth-intensive applications such as group situational awareness, real-time streaming video, VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) and video conferencing. When integrated into a tactical communications network, the RF-7800W HCLOS radio provides a critical link for high-volume, high-quality and real-time operational data sharing. As a result, commanders are enabled to make faster, more informed decisions while deployed forces have on-demand access to robust up-echelon information for increased mission effectiveness.

  • High-speed wireless IP communication – Robust connectivity at Ethernet data rates greater than 80 Mbps and at distances beyond 50 km under clear line-of-sight conditions. Operates over the 4.4–5.0 GHz NATO Band IV.
  • Versatility for a variety of connectivity scenarios – Provides the capability for point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and repeater functions for wideband connectivity when and where it’s needed.
  • Military-grade technology – Designed for reliable use the harshest outdoor conditions.
  • Easy to deploy – lightweight design, and intuitive web-based configuration tool enables effective use in fixed or at-the-halt applications.
  • Security to meet the mission – Transmissions can be secured via embedded encryption capability or with external Ethernet Inline Network Encryption (INE) devices.
  • Part of a Harris tactical wideband system – Interoperable with Harris’ leading suite of tactical wideband communication products to enable high-speed, networked information exchange.

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