Tactical Radios & Networking

  • Multiband Radios

      • Falcon III Multi-channel Manpack Radio
        Falcon III Multi-channel Manpack Radio
        The Falcon III® Multi-channel Manpack is a modular two-channel manpack radio designed to exceed the HMS Manpack program requirements.
      • Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radio
        Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radio
        The Mid-Tier Networking Vehicular Radio  (MNVR) is a solution based on the proven success of our Falcon® family of wideband tactical radios.
      • AN/PRC-117G Wideband Tactical Radio
        AN/PRC-117G Wideband Tactical Radio
        JTRS certified, the Falcon III® AN/PRC-117G operating with SRW is the world's first JTRS SCA-compliant, Type-1 secure tactical radio to offer high-bandwidth simultaneous voice and data in addition to combat net radio capabilities.  It's leading the transition to a networked battlefield.
      • AN/PRC-152A Wideband Networking Radio
        AN/PRC-152A Wideband Networking Radio
        The NSA certified Falcon III® AN/PRC-152A is the world's first handheld radio with both Type-1 wideband networking and narrowband interoperability, giving today's warfighters secure access to voice, video and data.
      • RF-7800M-HH International Handheld Radio
        RF-7800M-HH International Handheld Radio

        The new Falcon III® RF-7800M-HH handheld is the first international radio to offer mission-critical wideband communications and networking along with combat-proven legacy voice waveforms.

      • RF-7800M-MP Multiband Networking Radio (MBNR)
        RF-7800M-MP Multiband Networking Radio (MBNR)
        The Falcon III® RF-7800M-MP Multiband Networking Radio (MBNR) enables the high-speed flow of real-time battlefield situational awareness information across a secure mobile tactical wireless network backbone, enabling the critical connection between squad level forces and up-echelon command management platforms.
      • AN/PRC-152 Type-1 Multiband Handheld Radio
        AN/PRC-152 Type-1 Multiband Handheld Radio
        The Falcon III® AN/PRC-152 single-channel multiband, multimission, handheld radio provides the optimal transition to JTRS technology.  The AN/PRC-152 delivers modern programmable encryption in a SCA-compliant radio that supports current and future algorithms and waveforms.
      • RF-310M-HH Type-1 Suite B Handheld Multiband Radio
        RF-310M-HH Type-1 Suite B Handheld Multiband Radio
        The Falcon III® RF-310M-HH Multiband Radio is the first and only Suite B-compatible tactical military handheld radio and is a Type-1 non-CCI variant of the NSA-certified Type-1 AN/PRC-152(C) handheld radio.
      • RF-5800M-HH Multiband Tactical Handheld Radio
        RF-5800M-HH Multiband Tactical Handheld Radio
        The Falcon II® RF-5800M-HH multiband handheld radio enables secure, reliable communications in missions ranging from standard squad operations to specialized forward air control and special-forces.