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  Customized Equipment 

Customized Equipment Familiarization (Level I/II)

  • Introduction to the radio; customer selects topics
  • Demonstrations and hands-on exercises

  Operations Training Course

Operations Training Course (Level I/II)

  • Equipment description, features, capabilities, limitations, operations, programming
  • Demonstrations and hands-on exercises

  Maintenance Training

Maintenance Training (Level III)

  • Familiarization with equipment operations
  • Equipment and module level theory of operation, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, and troubleshooting
  • Demonstrations and hands-on exercises

Rochester, NY Training

Before visting Rochester for training check out the RF Comm Student Survial Handbook

Training Options

  • Instructor Key Personnel Training (IKPT) Operations Training Course
    • Equipment description, features, capabilities, limitations, operations, programming
    • Additional topics include interoperability, applications, input/output devices, network planning
    • Demonstrations and hands-on exercises Communications Technologies Class
    • Provides a system engineer with a high level overview of Harris radio technologies
    • Topics include digital voice, encryption, ALE, HF modems, frequency hopping, high–speed data, and satellite communications

  • Computer Based Training (CBT)
    • The CBT package provides the user with the knowledge and skills needed to setup, operate, program, and maintain the equipment. Training is achieved through the use of text, graphics, and animation that simulates the radio and provides a self paced hands-on learning experience for the student. CBT offers an excellent solution as a refresher course, or when formal classroom training is not practical. For more information, click here.